Rude Awakening cd cover

Christian, James

Rude Awakening

  1. Don't Start Me Up
  2. Pleasure & Pain
  3. Brighter Day
  4. Where Does Love Go (When it's Gone)
  5. The Warden
  6. Katie
  7. Best Girl
  8. Labor of Love
  9. Mother Night
  10. Woman Enough
  11. After All
  12. Love Should Have Brought You Home

James Christian never got the respect he deserved as a singer or a musician. As the front man for the under-rated House of Lords he did some really impressive work, but never achieved the success that many other metal bands of the day did. In 1994 he released his one and only solo album, showing his talent as not only a singer, but also as a writer, guitarist, bassist, drummer and producer. Originally it was released only in Japan, but Now and Then Records reissued it world wide a few years later with multiple bonus tracks. It's very similar in style to his work with House of Lords, a highly polished blues based rock with deep, rich, soulful vocals. Definitely worth picking up. --Scott



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