Bite Down Hard cd cover

Britny Fox

Bite Down Hard

  1. six guns loaded
  2. louder
  3. liar
  4. closer to your love
  5. over and out
  6. shot from my gun
  7. black and white
  8. look my way
  9. lonely too long
  10. midnight moses

Losing the singer is usually the death of band. And when the singer was also one of the main song writers, that usually seals it, but Britny Fox wasn’t ready to quit. They replaced Dizzy Dean Davidson with former Banshee singer, Tommy Paris and made their best album ever. Unfortunately it flopped, but not because they lost their original singer. It was 1991 and the music scene was changing, but two years earlier and this album might have had a major impact. Bite Down Hard is just a great example of what a straight forward hard rock album should be. If you can still find this one, grab it. It was probably one of the best unknown albums of 1991. --Scott



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“Sun don't shine -- I wanna feel the rain come down and hide my face. Stay behind -- 'cause in my life I've come to love this lonely place.”
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