Long Way Home cd cover


Long Way Home

  1. Sunless Days
  2. Little Girl
  3. Everybody Needs
  4. You
  5. Goodbye My Friend
  6. Magic Road
  7. There Was a Time
  8. Heart Full of Soul
  9. Under the Gun
  10. I've Found

Long Way Home sees Dokken reuniting with John Norum. No offense to Reb Beach, but Norum was the best choice to replace Lynch, even better than George for the last ten years. Unfortunately, despite having all of the talent in place, these songs are just all over the place. Trying to show a Beatles influence that they never displayed in their hayday, the album stumbles along without a clear direction. Kelly Keeling is listed as a co-writer for six of the songs which leads me to believe that most of these songs were penned for use on another Norum solo album with Keeling singing. While they might have worked there, they mostly sound out of place here. The album opener, Sunless Days, makes this cd worth keeping though. --Scott



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“what it is i'm doing here i am here one final footstep forward”
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