August 9, 2022
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Madagascan Rat
Nesomys rufus
RANGE: Madagascar
HABITAT: forest
BODY: 7.5-9 in
TAIL: 6.25-7.5 in
Madagascan Rat
This species of Madagascan rat is mouselike in appearance, with long, soft fur and a light-colored belly. Its hind feet are long and powerful, and the middle three toes are elongated. It seems likely that the Madagascan rat is an adept climber, using its sharp claws to grip smooth bark. Although little is known of this creature's habits, it is probable that its diet is made up of small invertebrates, buds, fruits, and seeds. Nothing is known of its breeding cycle.
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Rat information compliments of Macmillan Illustrated Animal Encyclopedia
Rat illustration by Graham Allen

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