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Faster Pussycat


Pretty much the end of the line for FP's big time success. It's kind of a shame too as their humor really shines through on this record. If a line like 'she just loves me for my big dictionary' doesn't make you smile, check your pulse. I find that 'Friends' has much less dripping cheese than their mega popular 'House Of Pain' as well. Great album. Too bad no one heard it. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.0

Track Listing

  1. Nonstop To Nowhere
  2. The Body Thief
  3. Jack The Bastard
  4. Big Dictionary
  5. Madam Ruby's Love Boutique
  6. Only Way Out
  7. Maid In Wonderland
  8. Friends
  9. Cat Bash
  10. Loose Booty
  11. Mr.Lovedog
  12. Out With A Bang


VOCALS: Taime Downe
GUITAR: Brent Muscat
Greg Steele
BASS: Eric Stacy
DRUMS: Brett Bradshaw


LABEL: Elektra
“It's late at night and neither one of us is sleeping. I can't imagine living my life after you're gone. Wondering why so many questions have no answers, I keep on searching for the reason why we went wrong.”