EP 92 cd cover

American Angel

EP 92

One of the best of the unknown bands. This one was not as heavy as their fantastic debut, but just as hard to find. The singer altered his singing a little on this disc to sound more like Axl Rose, which was a step down for him, but I guess if you're trying to break into the big time you sort of follow the leaders. There wasn't as much energy in the music either, everything toned down, but this was still a good EP. Very strong writing and still a great overall band, but I just wish they skipped the remix and joke song at the end, and played a few more songs. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.8

Track Listing

  1. shoot down the memory
  2. if love is so blind
  3. shangra-love
  4. open up the balcony
  5. when the show goes on
  6. you've taken it all
  7. best part of christmas
  8. balcony (remix)
  9. seven and seven seas


VOCALS: Rocco Furiero
GUITAR: Pete DeGeorge
Danny Monchek
BASS: Steve Evetts
DRUMS: Eric Nilla


LABEL: Criminal Records
PRODUCED BY: Steve Evetts
“They try to lock our cages, but they don't worry me. A bunch of wimp-ass poseurs, you know they can't touch me.”