Dysfunctional cd cover



Dokken's triumphant return. Well, sort of... While this cd has some good riffs and some well written songs, the occasional good solo and some good harmonized vocals, the final product is still just a glimmer of the former Dokken. It lacks the passion and excitement of Dokken's previous release. It has a "lazy" feel, almost as if they recorded the whole thing sitting down. For anyone else it might have been a good album, but for Dokken, it's way below average.
-- Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.8

Track Listing

  1. inside looking out
  2. hole in my head
  3. the maze
  4. too high to fly
  5. nothing left to say
  6. shadows of life
  7. long way home
  8. sweet chains
  9. lesser of two evils
  10. what price
  11. from the beginning


VOCALS: Don Dokken
GUITAR: George Lynch
BASS: Jeff Pilson
DRUMS: Mick Brown


LABEL: Columbia
PRODUCED BY: Michael Wagener
“If you wanna leave, I don't wanna beg you to stay. And if you gotta go, darling, maybe it's better that way. I'm gonna be strong. I'm gonna be fine. Don't worry about this heart of mine. Just walk out that door and see if I care. Go on and go now, but don't turn around...”