Back for the Attack cd cover


Back for the Attack

I don't know if it was the friction between Don and George that pushed them to their absolute limits here or what, but this cd has George's best solos and Don's best singing. Kiss of Death is probably the best depiction of the competition between singer and guitarist. The last full minute is a constant struggle for the spotlight, with Don hitting continuous screeching high notes and George matching him in intensity with his blazing solos. This was Dokken at their peak, and at their end...
-- Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.5

Track Listing

  1. kiss of death
  2. prisoner
  3. night by night
  4. standing in the shadows
  5. heaven sent
  6. mr. scary
  7. so many tears
  8. burning like a flame
  9. lost behind the wall
  10. stop fighting love
  11. cry of the gypsy
  12. sleepless night
  13. dream warriors


VOCALS: Don Dokken
GUITAR: George Lynch
BASS: Jeff Pilson
DRUMS: Mick Brown


LABEL: Elektra Records
PRODUCED BY: Neil Kernon
“Was She Thinking? Was she thinking bout the life that she's been wasting? Does she break herself to pieces when it all falls apart? Does she know what sh'es got? Does she know what she wants?”