Under Lock And Key cd cover


Under Lock And Key

This was Dokken's most commercial success. With no less than 4 singles released, the songs Unchain the Night, The Hunter, In My Dreams and It's Not Love continue to define Dokken for many people. It's no surprise that this is the disc most commonly associated with the band. This cds most important contribution though, was to prove that they could put out an album that showed the same intensity and originality that they showed with Tooth and Nail.
-- Scott

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Track Listing

  1. unchain the night
  2. the hunter
  3. in my dreams
  4. slippin' away
  5. lightnin' strikes again
  6. it's not love
  7. jaded heart
  8. don't lie to me
  9. will the sun rise
  10. til the livin' end


VOCALS: Don Dokken
GUITAR: George Lynch
BASS: Jeff Pilson
DRUMS: Mick Brown


LABEL: Elektra Records
PRODUCED BY: Michael Wagener
“What a way to live your life. When you gonna get enough? Why you always keeping score? You ain't all that tough.”