WestWorld cd cover



Anyone thatís ever talked to me about music knows that Tony is my favorite singer, but most people might not know that one of my favorite albums is Thundersteel by Riot. So the combination definitely appeals to me. Now let me say this cd is no where near as heavy as Thundersteel, but Mark Realeís writing really fits with Tonyís voice. The two of them must have really hit it off because the songs flow like they came from a band thatís been together for a decade or more. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.1

Track Listing

  1. Illusions
  2. I Belong
  3. Pigeon Hole
  4. Heart Song
  5. Little Voices
  6. Bring the Water to Me
  7. Love You Insane
  8. Shame
  9. Ivory Towers
  10. Suicide


VOCALS: Tony Harnell
GUITAR: Mark Reale
BASS: Bruno Ravel
DRUMS: John O'Reilly


LABEL: RoadRunner Records
PRODUCED BY: Paul Orofino
Tony Harnell & Mark Reale
“I've been up and I've been down, I've been lost and now I've found out all the secrets that you tried to keep from me. There will come a day when I will take my love away. We conclude that we agree to disagree.”