Screw It! cd cover

Danger Danger

Screw It!

At first glance one would think this is a very juvenile effort, but after some patience, I found this to be a GREAT second effort for D2. The vocals are stronger and the keyboards were toned down from the first disc. A much tighter effort, after a couple of listens one can't help but start to hum these songs out loud. A MUST for any fan of that era. It's what rock should be, fun.
-- Steve Lorenz

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.7

Track Listing

  1. monkey business
  2. slipped her the big one
  3. beat the bullet
  4. i still think about you
  5. get your shit together
  6. crazy nites
  7. puppet show
  8. everybody wants some
  9. don't blame it on love
  10. comin' home
  11. horny s.o.b.
  12. find your way back home
  13. yeah you want it!
  14. d.f.n.s.


VOCALS: Ted Poley
GUITAR: Andy Timmons
BASS: Bruno Ravel
DRUMS: Steve West
KEYBOARDS: Kasey Smith


LABEL: Epic Records
PRODUCED BY: Bruno Ravel
“Lookin' back on all the pain I put you through, I'd die a tousand times to make it up to you…”