A Pleasant Shade of Gray cd cover

Fates Warning

A Pleasant Shade of Gray

This was another really disappointing release for me. I though their last two cds were incredible, but this is just a long boring drawn out depressing disc. The tempo doesn't pick up until around track 11. Great band; weak disc. Try Parallels or Inside Out.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.9

Track Listing

  1. Part I
  2. Part II
  3. Part III
  4. Part IV
  5. Part V
  6. Part VI
  7. Part VII
  8. Part VIII
  9. Part IX
  10. Part X
  11. Part XI
  12. Part XII


VOCALS: Ray Alder
GUITAR: Jim Matheos
BASS: Joey Vaera
DRUMS: Mark Zonder


LABEL: Metal Blade
PRODUCED BY: Terry Brown
“Now you've come back here to say you're sorry, but I just don't know who you're talking to. It could be the man I used to be, girl, but I've grown up and now I'm over you.”