...And Justice For All cd cover


...And Justice For All

What an album! In my opinion, this has got to be Metallica's most aggressive release. Songs like Blackened and Dyer's Eve pound your skull in. Then, there is the song One. This very song was the turning point for Metallica. It recieved massive airplay from radio and MTV that boosted them to super stardom. Unfortunately, this was the last of the Metallica thrash albums. The production is a little funky (sounds really compressed) but this album is a must for any metal collection.
-- Hammerhead

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.8

Track Listing

  1. Blackened
  2. ...And Justice For All
  3. Eye Of The Beholder
  4. One
  5. The Shortest Straw
  6. Harvester Of Sorrow
  7. The Frayed Ends Of Sanity
  8. To Live Is To Die
  9. Dyer's Eve


VOCALS: James Hetfield
GUITAR: Kirk Hammet
James Hetfield
BASS: Jason Newsted
DRUMS: Lars Ulrich


LABEL: Elektra
PRODUCED BY: Flemming Rasmussen
“She fell from the heavens like a fireball. Introduced the devil to fire. Just one little lick and you want it all, lust, worship and desire...”