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Bormann, Michael

Capture the Moment

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Track Listing

  1. When Push Comes to Shove
  2. Friends for a Lifetime
  3. Come Take Me Higher
  4. Live Your Life
  5. I Wanna Hear Your Voice
  6. Half Way Down
  7. I Will Hold the Line
  8. Love is Magic
  9. Glory and Pain
  10. Don't Bother Me
  11. Doing or Not
  12. Still Haven't Found It
  13. For Just a Little While
  14. Go Going Gone


VOCALS: Michael Bormann
GUITAR: Michael Bormann
BASS: Michael Bormann
DRUMS: Michael Bormann
KEYBOARDS: Michael Bormann
GUESTS: Tommy Denander
Eric Ragno
Bobby Stocker
Sonny Crow
Marco Grasshoff
Chris Ivo
Niklas Olsson
Guido Gallus
Tom Brautigam
Andreas Rippelmeier


LABEL: RMB Records
PRODUCED BY: Michael Bormann
“Mothers sweep your little lies right before your children's eyes, fathers just ignore this new disease. TV raises children well. Intravenous show and tell, they're going down our steps on hands and knees...”