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Bormann, Michael

Capture the Moment

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Track Listing

  1. When Push Comes to Shove
  2. Friends for a Lifetime
  3. Come Take Me Higher
  4. Live Your Life
  5. I Wanna Hear Your Voice
  6. Half Way Down
  7. I Will Hold the Line
  8. Love is Magic
  9. Glory and Pain
  10. Don't Bother Me
  11. Doing or Not
  12. Still Haven't Found It
  13. For Just a Little While
  14. Go Going Gone


VOCALS: Michael Bormann
GUITAR: Michael Bormann
BASS: Michael Bormann
DRUMS: Michael Bormann
KEYBOARDS: Michael Bormann
GUESTS: Tommy Denander
Eric Ragno
Bobby Stocker
Sonny Crow
Marco Grasshoff
Chris Ivo
Niklas Olsson
Guido Gallus
Tom Brautigam
Andreas Rippelmeier


LABEL: RMB Records
PRODUCED BY: Michael Bormann
“Just a mile or so away is my dearest frind in this world. He wears the blue and I the grey, and God it hurts me so. The last time we were together, I grabbed his hand and I pledged, if I ever draw my sword on you, may the good Lord strike me dead...”