Cockroach <span class=small>DISC 2</span> cd cover

Danger Danger

Cockroach DISC 2

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Track Listing

  1. Still Kickin'
  2. When She's Good She's Good
    (When She's Bad She's Better)
  3. Shot O' Love
  4. Afraid of Love
  5. Tip of My Tongue
  6. Walk It Like Ya Talk It
  7. Goin' Goin' Gone
  8. Good Time
  9. Don't Break My Heart Again
  10. Don't Pull the Plug
  11. Sick Little Twisted Mind


VOCALS: Ted Poley
GUITAR: Andy Timmons
BASS: Bruno Ravel
DRUMS: Steve West
GUESTS: Reb Beach


LABEL: Low Dice Records
PRODUCED BY: Bruno Ravel
Steve West
Paul Northfield
“I'm standing here, looking at your photograph. I can't believe I'm all alone and you're not coming back. On and on, we rode the storm. I sometimes wish, I'd never been born, alone here, crying out for love…”