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Fresh off getting booted from Yngwie's band (I think I've been kicked out of his band), Jeff Scott Soto and Marcel Jacob set to work on these tracks as a side project while awaiting work on other projects. The end result was so good that Elektra actually signed them before pulling out. The debut album was finally released in Sweden under the Airplay label. It's chock full of 80s arena hooks and backing vocals. johnk5150

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Track Listing

  1. Break Your Chains
  2. Standin' On Fire
  3. I'll Be Waiting
  4. Dangerous
  5. Just Between Us
  6. System Of Power
  7. Queen
  8. Lightning Strikes
  9. Day By Day
  10. Women Whiskey & Song
  11. Great Sandwich
  12. Just Between Us (Live Bonus)
  13. Eternal Flame (Live Bonus)
  14. Scream Of Anger (Live Bonus)
  15. NJBBWD (Live Bonus)
  16. Let Me Love You (Live Bonus)
  17. Ice Cream Man (Live Bonus)


VOCALS: Jeff Scott Soto
GUITAR: Chris Stahl
BASS: Marcel Jacob
DRUMS: Peter Hermansson
KEYBOARDS: Mats Olausson


LABEL: Airplay
PRODUCED BY: Marcel Jacob
“I lay back to rest my weary eyes, dream of better days and of bluer skies. Safe inside my sleep I feel my soul scream. I would stay here forever if I could only dream...”