Wide Open cd cover


Wide Open

Classy, classy AOR. Ousey and Morris work off each other like Cain and Perry. Every melody works and every chorus is strong. This effort is right up there with anything Survivor, FM or Journey put out at the time. johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.2

Track Listing

  1. Give Me A Reason
  2. Whenever You Want Me
  3. Wide Open
  4. Losing To You
  5. Indian Ground
  6. When I'm With You
  7. A Town Called Pride
  8. Running On Empty
  9. Try Me
  10. Burning The Bridges
  11. Turning My Heart Right Over
  12. All Or Nothing
  13. Keeping My Faith Alive


VOCALS: Chris Ousey
GUITAR: Steve Morris
BASS: Steve Morris
DRUMS: Steve Morris - Programming
KEYBOARDS: Steve Morris


LABEL: Long Island
PRODUCED BY: Steve Morris
“You say, it's true, I need a change in my attitude, well maybe I could express if I knew, it shouldn't make much difference to you. So I should take you to another place, and that would wipe the fear off my face. Well that's easier for you to say, 'cuz you don't have to deal like I do.”