Pleasure To Burn cd cover

Burning Rain

Pleasure To Burn

Doug Aldrich is back with a vengeance on Burning Rain record #2. The licks are dripping with sweaty blues power. His solos are as tasty as ever and St. John's lyrics and vocals are sleazy and hearfelt. A solid return to form. -- johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.2

Track Listing

  1. Fireball
  2. Love Emotion
  3. Stone Cold n' Crazy
  4. Cherie Don't Break My Heart
  5. Shot Down
  6. Love De Jour
  7. Faithfully Yours
  8. Sex Machine
  9. Metal Superman
  10. Judgement Day
  11. Devil Money


VOCALS: Keith St. John
GUITAR: Doug Aldric
BASS: Ian Mayo
DRUMS: Alex Makarovich
KEYBOARDS: Edward Roth


LABEL: Z Records
PRODUCED BY: Doug Aldrich
“It's late at night and neither one of us is sleeping. I can't imagine living my life after you're gone. Wondering why so many questions have no answers, I keep on searching for the reason why we went wrong.”