The 1996 DEP Sessions cd cover

Iommi with Glenn Hughes

The 1996 DEP Sessions

As the title indicates, these recordings were done in 1996, ten years after Hughes and Iommiís previous collaboration on the Seventh Star album. It only has 8 tracks, but it packs more punch than some double cds. With the exception of the slow and lumbering track five, this is a stellar collection of music. Itís modern without being trendy, and classic without being dated. Although Glennís never been a very good writer, when he just sings Ö Wow! Tony clearly knows how to get the best out of him and this might be the best work that Hughes has ever done. This kind of chemistry is very rare, but these old guys can still teach the younger guys a thing or two. I highly recommend this cd to everyone. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating6.9

Track Listing

  1. Gone
  2. From Another World
  3. Don't You Tell Me
  4. Don't Drag the River
  5. Fine
  6. Time is the Healer
  7. I'm Not the Same Man
  8. It Falls Through Me


VOCALS: Glenn Hughes
GUITAR: Tony Iommi
BASS: Glenn Hughes
DRUMS: Jimmy Copley
KEYBOARDS: Geoff Nicholls
Don Airey


LABEL: Sanctuary Records
PRODUCED BY: Mike Exeter
“Here she comes, just like an angel, seems like forever that she's been on my mind, but nothing has changed, she thinks I'm a waste of her time...”