Out To Every Nation cd cover


Out To Every Nation

The third solo cd from vocalist Jorn Lande is much like his first two efforts: great vocals and talented musicians playing Ö just okay songs. They are very heavy and trying to do a lot of different things all at once. Most of the tracks have very good parts, but are hurt by awkward transitions or unconventional structuring. And while I appreciate Jornís desire to avoid being predictable, some of the songs could have benefited from a ďless is moreĒ philosophy. But it would be wrong to judge this cd without considering all of the great PARTS. Jornís smokey, Coverdale-esque vocal performance is outstanding. The musicians are top notch and the production is fantastic, but in this case the sum of the parts is more than the whole. To really hear Jornís full potential, try Masterplan. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.1

Track Listing

  1. Young Forever
  2. Out to Every Nation
  3. Something Real
  4. Living With Wolves
  5. Vision Eyes
  6. One Day We Will Put Out the Sun
  7. Behind the Clown
  8. Rock Spirit
  9. Through Day and Night
  10. When Angel Wings Were White


VOCALS: Jorn Lande
GUITAR: Jorn Lofstad
BASS: Magnus Rosen
DRUMS: Stian Kristoffersen
KEYBOARDS: Ronny Tegner


LABEL: AFM Records
Jorn Lofstad
“They came from everywhere, growling just like bears. Waiting for the go, they're ready to rock 'n roll. Like a hungry breed, feeding time's a need. Tonight they will be fed, Heaven for every head.”