The Forgotten Tales cd cover

Blind Guardian

The Forgotten Tales

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Track Listing

  1. Mr. Sandman
  2. Surfin' USA
  3. Bright Eyes
  4. Lord of the Rings
  5. The Wizard
  6. Spread Your Wings
  7. Mordred's Song
  8. Black Chamber
  9. The Bard's Song (Live)
  10. Barbara Ann / Long Tall Sally
  11. A Past and Future Secret
  12. To France
  13. Theatre of Pain


VOCALS: Hansi Kursch
GUITAR: Andre Olbrich
Magnus Siepen
BASS: Hansi Kursch
DRUMS: Thomen Stauch
GUESTS: Ronnie Atkins
Rolf Kohler
Kalle Trapp
Stefan Will
Andreas Marschall
Billy King
Dirk Zumpe
Piet Sielck
Wiesner Mathias
Thomas Hackmann
Michael Schuren
Otto Sidenius
Jacob Moth


LABEL: Virgin Records
PRODUCED BY: Flemming Rasmussen
Piet Sielck
Kalle Trapp
“All my life I've been fighting For the right to make my stand Scream my anthem to the right And hold the power in my hand”