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Lillian Axe

Live 2002 DISC 1

Lillian Axe was a better band than most, and as a result put on a better live show than most. This particular recording was from a recent reunion show in Texas and even though the reunited Lillian Axe has more new members than old, the two most important pieces are back in place. Ron Taylor and Steve Blaze still have an undeniable chemistry. The recording is not flawless. It has all of the imperfections of a real live show, but the pace holds it’s own and with 23 songs this double cd definitely gives you your money’s worth. Lillian Axe was and is a great live band, but they’re real gift was always their writing. Here’s hoping a new one is on the way... – Scott Bazzett
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Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.1

Track Listing

  1. Misery Loves Company
  2. All's Fair In Love & War
  3. Innocence
  4. The World Stopped Turning
  5. Letters In The Rain
  6. Waiting In The Dark
  7. Deepfreeze
  8. Pullin' The Rats Out
  9. Ghost Of Winter
  10. Fool's Paradise


VOCALS: Ron Taylor
GUITAR: Steve Blaze
Sam Poitevent
BASS: Darrin DeLatte
DRUMS: Ken Koudelka


LABEL: Z-Roxx / Red & Gold
PRODUCED BY: Lillian Axe
“It's not him, I must've made a mistake. He's hardly changed from forty years ago. A trick of light that made me hesitate, I hear his name, I can't believe it's so…”