Killing Ground cd cover


Killing Ground

Saxon has been around for more than 20 years, so I was a liitle skeptical, but these songs are well written, well played and well produced. This is clearly a seasoned group of musicians. There is no trendy crap in here, no fancy studio tricks and no gimmicks to speak of. It's just a solid effort all around. With a sound akin to Black Sabbath (at least the Seventh Star album with Glen Hughes singing) Rainbow or Riot, Saxon really just relies on a straight forward, tried and true formula of rock. There is an honesty and a simplicity to what they've done here that outshines many of their younger peers and I was really shocked and openly impressed by this cd. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.5

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Killing Ground
  3. Court of the Crimson King
  4. Coming Home
  5. Hell Freezes Over
  6. Dragons Lair
  7. You Don't Know What You've Got
  8. Deeds of Glory
  9. Runing for the Border
  10. Shadows on the Wall
  11. Rock is Our Life


VOCALS: Biff Byford
GUITAR: Paul Quinn
Doug Scarratt
BASS: Nibbs Carter
DRUMS: Fritz Randow


PRODUCED BY: Biff Byford & Saxon
“She fell from the heavens like a fireball. Introduced the devil to fire. Just one little lick and you want it all, lust, worship and desire...”