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Roberts, Kane

Kane Roberts

Although not as good has his second attempt, Kane Roberts still shows he has what it takes to play with the best of them. Once Alice Coopers guitarist, Kane ventures out on his own to produce an album that was over looked by many. This is more along the lines of mid 80's metal; it has a pop rock feel. Basically, if your tired of todays music...get it.
-- Jimmy Johnson

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.9

Track Listing

  1. rock doll
  2. women on the edge of love
  3. triple x
  4. gorilla
  5. outlaw
  6. if this is heaven
  7. out for blood
  8. full pull
  9. too much (for anyone to touch)
  10. tears of fire
  11. a strong arm needs a stronger heart


VOCALS: Kane Roberts
GUITAR: Kane Roberts
BASS: Steven Steele
DRUMS: Victor Ruzzo


LABEL: MCA Records
PRODUCED BY: Michael Wagener
“She waits home alone just to love him through the night thinkin'...'He's been gone so long now. Is he comin' home'?”