Turn It Up! cd cover

Moon Dog Mane

Turn It Up!

If you like Skynyrd, you're gonna love this. Great, southern fried rock. --Anonymous

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Track Listing

  1. Turn It Up
  2. I Believe
  3. You Turn Me On
  4. Peanut on a Plate
  5. Sweet Southern Sound
  6. Turn The Page
  7. Watcha Gonna Do?
  8. When I Think About It Now
  9. Let It Shine
  10. Roll With the Punches
  11. Times Are Changin'
  12. Can't Stop Rockin'


VOCALS: Brodie Stewart
GUITAR: Kevin Hampton
Frank Hannon
BASS: Joel Krueger
DRUMS: Cortney DeAustine
KEYBOARDS: Chris Martinez


LABEL: Polygram
PRODUCED BY: Frank Hannon
“You say, it's true, I need a change in my attitude, well maybe I could express if I knew, it shouldn't make much difference to you. So I should take you to another place, and that would wipe the fear off my face. Well that's easier for you to say, 'cuz you don't have to deal like I do.”