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Idol, Billy

Greatest Hits

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Track Listing

  1. Dancing With Myself
  2. Mony Mony
  3. Hot In The City
  4. White Wedding, Pt. 1
  5. Rebell Yell
  6. Eyes Without A Face
  7. Flesh For Fantasy
  8. Catch My Fall
  9. To Be A Lover
  10. Don't Need A Gun {Single Edit}
  11. Sweet Sixteen
  12. Cradle Of Love
  13. L.A. Woman {Single Edit}
  14. Shock To The System
  15. Rebell Yell {Live And Acoustic}
  16. Don't You (Forget About Me) {New}


VOCALS: Billy Idol
GUITAR: Steve Stevens
Billy Idol
Mark Younger-Smith
BASS: Sal Cuevas
DRUMS: Gregg Gerson
KEYBOARDS: Judi Dozier
Steve Stevens


LABEL: Capitol
PRODUCED BY: Kevin Flaherty
“Well, it's six a.m. on a winter day and it's raining a storm outside. And I'm steppin' out onto the black stone pavement from my prison of lonely nights.”