Live in Your Face cd cover

Babylon A.D.

Live in Your Face

This is a great live album. All the songs were recorded in different places all over the country. Shows great variety, and also how great this band sounded live! - Anonymous

Average Rathole Visitor Rating6.4

Track Listing

  1. Bang Go the Bells
  2. Hammer Swings Down
  3. The Kid Goes Wild
  4. So Savage the Heart
  5. Maryanne
  6. Sacrifice Your Love
  7. Desperate
  8. Take the Dog off the Chain
  9. Bad Blood
  10. Down the River of No Return
  11. Girl's Got Rhythm
  12. Rats in the Cellar


VOCALS: Derek Davis
GUITAR: Danny Delarosa
Ron Freschi
BASS: Robb Reid
DRUMS: Jamey Pacheco


LABEL: Apocalypse Records
PRODUCED BY: Derek Davis
“To her face, I show my armor, I walk away, before I do more harm. And with the damage done, she won't know where to run or who to run to. ”