Shake Your Soul cd cover

Baton Rouge

Shake Your Soul

Sometimes I wonder what record companies were thinking when thy slapped covers on some of these albums. Doesnít exactly jump off the rack at you, does it? Luckily I heard this one in my buddy Markís car, so I already knew it was worth buying. Kelly Keelingís voice is like a rougher, bluesier Joe Lynn Turner and the music is just classic 80ís metal. This is a great album full of good guitar, catchy vocal melodies and big choruses. The songs were all produced and co written by Jack Ponti and although he didnít play on this cd, I believe his involvement was a big part of the sound here. Unfortunately it didnít receive much support and the band never made much of a splash. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.1

Track Listing

  1. doctor
  2. walks like a woman
  3. big trouble
  4. it's about time
  5. bad time comin' down
  6. the midge
  7. baby's so cool
  8. young hearts
  9. melenie
  10. there was a time
  11. hot blood movin'
  12. spread like fire


VOCALS: Kelly Keeling
GUITAR: Lance Bulen
David Cremin
BASS: Scott Bender
DRUMS: Corky McClellan


LABEL: Atlantic
“"In days of decision with conflict and visions,they burns a star Look to the sky for the answers that you need to know Start once again,rejecting all trends knowing who you are Your heart is renewed with the spirit that soon takes control...."”