Decade of Decadence cd cover

Motley Crue

Decade of Decadence

This appeared to be a money grab when it first came out. Then I heard 'Primal Scream' and was elated I didn't have to wait for another full length Crue album to get my hands on this. Another gem is 'Angela'. You really got a sense of exactly how 'on' Motley was in the studio before it all imploded a year later. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.4

Track Listing

  1. live wire
  2. piece of your action
  3. shout at the devil
  4. looks that kill
  5. home sweet home
  6. smokin' in the boys room
  7. girls girls girls
  8. wild side
  9. dr. feelgood
  10. kickstart my heart
  11. teaser
  12. rock'n roll junkie
  13. primal scream
  14. angela
  15. anarchy in the u.k.


VOCALS: Vince Neil
GUITAR: Mick Mars
BASS: Nikki Sixx
DRUMS: Tommy Lee


LABEL: Elektra Records
“Fading light, broken hearts, I left them all behind. Turned to stone, I chose to roam the wild world.”