Thrill of the Feel cd cover

Sons of Angels

Thrill of the Feel

This is not Sons of Angels from ten years ago on Atlantic Records, it was simply the name given to a Japanese racing video game soundtrack project for Sega. Composed of guitarist Jun Senoue of Loudness and Hardline's Johnny Gioeli, it was never really intended as a stand alone musical release, but due to the popularity of the players, it was made available. The cd has thirteen songs and five of them are instrumentals. The performances are technically flawless, but the songs themselves are basically shallow. So if you're just looking for some light-hearted, good time rock, I highly recommend you pick this one up, pop it in your car stereo, roll down the windows and enjoy. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.7

Track Listing

  1. The Star Spangled Banner
  2. Dangerous Ground
  3. Into the Wind
  4. Fill it Up
  5. Revvin’ Up
  6. Rush into the Crazy World
  7. In the Lead
  8. Watch Me Fly
  9. On the Road Again
  10. Fuel Me
  11. When the Sun Goes Down
  12. All the Way
  13. * Open Your Heart


VOCALS: Johnny Geolli
GUITAR: Jun Senoue
BASS: Naoto Shibata
DRUMS: Hirotsusu Homma


LABEL: Victor Japan
“Of all the things I value most of all, I look upon my earth and feel the warmth and know that it is good. ”