Shout at the Devil cd cover

Motley Crue

Shout at the Devil

This was the first metal album that I ever bought and the standard that everything would be measured against for years to come. To this day, my father still uses the song Bastard to describe all heavy metal. I loved the look. I loved the attitude. I loved the sound. I wanted to BE Vince Neil. This album was the reason I grew my hair out. Well, this album and the fact that the girl that introduced it to me seemed to think these guys were pretty cool. It also made me buy my first pair of fingerless gloves and was the reason my room was filled with pentagrams for the next several years. I can still remember the first time I heard it. I guess you DO always remember your first. --Scott

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Track Listing

  1. in the beginning
  2. shout at the devil
  3. looks that kill
  4. bastard
  5. god bless the children of the beast
  6. helter skelter
  7. red hot
  8. too young to fall in love
  9. knock 'em dead kid
  10. ten seconds to love
  11. danger


VOCALS: Vince Neil
GUITAR: Mick Mars
BASS: Nikki Sixx
DRUMS: Tommy Lee


LABEL: Elektra Records
“It's only when I'm with you that I'm feeling this way. Need you every moment. Won't you promise to stay?”