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Pink Cream 69


I almost never cover EPs, but anyone thatís heard me talk about Pink Cream 69, (and thatís anyone thatís been around me for any length of time) knows how I feel about this band. It starts with One Step Into Paradise. Originally a bonus track from one of their cds with Andi Deris on lead vocals, they re-recorded it with Readman singing, and itís nothing short of amazing. There is an accoustic version of one of their songs, two live cuts, one of the Japanese bonus tracks from their last release and their cover of Looks That Kill, from the Motley Crue tribute cd. Only six tracks long, but the first one alone is worth the cost. You should have this. And you should have all of the rest of theirs too. --Scott

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Track Listing

  1. One Step into Paradise
    (version 2000)
  2. Seas of Madness
    (acoustic version)
  3. King of My World
    (japanese bonus track)
  4. Looks That Kill
    (Crue Tribute cd)
  5. Shame
  6. Break the Silence


VOCALS: David Readman
GUITAR: Alfred Koffler
BASS: Dennis Ward
DRUMS: Kosta Zafirou


LABEL: Massacre Records
PRODUCED BY: Dennis Ward
“You can turn your back on the face in the mirror, awaken to find that your just getting nearer to the end. And you can tell yourself but you'll never believe that it's really true... You always knew.”