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Calling the Wild

Gone from the U.S. metal scene for almost ten years, Doro has reappeared with a powerful new album. With the heavy songs heavier than youíd expect from her petite form, and the ballads deeper than most metal acts get credit for, Doroís return is complete. And she didnít come aloneÖ With her are Al Pitrelli, Slash, Eric Singer, Bob Kulick and metal legend Lemmy. While her two duets with Lemmy and her cover of Billy Idolís White Wedding are reason enough to buy the album, my favorite song is the haunting ballad, Scarred. In any case, this is a classy return of one of metalís top ladies. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.3

Track Listing

  1. Terrovision
  2. I Give My Blood
  3. White Wedding
  4. I Wanna Live
  5. Kiss Me Like a Cobra
  6. Love Me Forever
  7. Pain
  8. Give Me a Reason
  9. Fuel
  10. Scarred
  11. Now or Never
  12. Alone Again
  13. Caonstant Danger
  14. Burn it Up


VOCALS: Doro Pesch
GUESTS: Lemmy Kilmister
Al Pitrelli
Eric Singer
Bob Kulick
Joe Taylor
Jurgen Engler
Andreas Bruhn
Michi Besler
Nick Douglas
Chris Lietz
Mario Parillo
Thomas Franke
Jimmy Harry


LABEL: Koch Records
“It's just make believe. Girl you made your bed now lie in it.”