Stiff Upper Lip cd cover


Stiff Upper Lip

What can you say about AC/DC that hasnít already been said? They attained legendary status years ago and with that kind of success comes the confidence to do what you do and remain unaffected by what else is going on in the musical community. Youíre not going to find any sampled drum tracks here or any of the other 90ís production cop-outs that so many other bands are hiding behind to try to sound current and hip. You arenít going to find any surprises of any kind on this cd and thatís what people have come to expect from AC/DC. If you didnít like them before, this cd wonít change your mind, but if youíre one of their millions of fans, you wonít be disappointed. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating7.7

Track Listing

  1. Stiff Upper lip
  2. Meltdown
  3. House of Jazz
  4. Hold Me Back
  5. Safe In New York City
  6. Can't Stand Still
  7. Can't Stop Rock ' N' Roll
  8. Satellite Blues
  9. Damned
  10. Come And Get It
  11. All Screwed Up
  12. Give It Up


VOCALS: Brian Johnson
GUITAR: Angus Young
Malcolm Young
BASS: Cliff Williams
DRUMS: Phil Rudd


LABEL: Elektra
PRODUCED BY: George Young
“Hangin' out by the state line turning holy water into wine, ooh, drinkin' it down...”