Age of Innocence cd cover

Emerald Rain

Age of Innocence

Even better than their debut, this cd employs all of the techniques that they mastered on their first release and added a few more highlights. The musical precision and production is still superb, but theyíve expanded the depth of their song writing, with more interesting vocal melodies and even more complex harmonized back-ups. They didnít have a lot of room for improvement to begin with, but they managed to re-emphasize what they do best. With catchy hooks and upbeat rhythms driving some of the best, harmonized vocals Iíve heard in a long time, Emerald Rain have established themselves as one of the best melodic metal bands today. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.9

Track Listing

  1. No Saviour
  2. Desperate Heart
  3. Never Surrender
  4. Don't Tell The Rain
  5. Sleeping In The Fire
  6. Endless Grey
  7. Never Let You Go
  8. Barely Holding On
  9. Age Of Innocence
  10. The Method
  11. Come Clean
  12. Your Disguise


VOCALS: Murray Daigle
GUITAR: Mike Dmitrovic
BASS: Sean Gregory
DRUMS: Kyle Lazenka


LABEL: Frontiers Records
PRODUCED BY: Murray Daigle
Mike Dmitrovic
Sean Gregory
“I'm the one who will save you. I'm gonna save the day. I'm the one who's gonna say to you, 'you didn't need it anyway'.”