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Dynasty, the rock-disco KISS album. Actually, this is a misleading title. The only track that has any disco flavor is the opening song. Although I feel this is one of KISS' weakest efforts, it still has some good tracks on it. Sure Know Something and Magic Touch are awesome Paul stand outs. Ace contributes a fantastic rocker, Hard Times, while Gene rips it up with Charisma and X-Ray Eyes. Unfortunately, Peter really shows his lost focus within the band with his cut, Dirty Livin'.
-- Nathan Adney

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.2

Track Listing

  1. i was made for lovin' you
  2. 2 000 man
  3. sure know something
  4. dirty livin'
  5. charisma
  6. magic touch
  7. hard times
  8. x-ray eyes
  9. save your love


VOCALS: Paul Stanley
GUITAR: Ace Frehley
Paul Stanley
BASS: Gene Simmons
DRUMS: Peter Chris


LABEL: PolyGram - Casablanca
PRODUCED BY: Vini Poncia
“So, I finally found Heaven When I first laid eyes on you I took your love for granted But who was fooling who Oh now you're gone I can't go on You're always on my mind I love you I really do”