Wake Me When It's Over cd cover

Faster Pussycat

Wake Me When It's Over

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Track Listing

  1. Where There's A Whip There's A Way
  2. Little Dove
  3. Poison Ivy
  4. House Of Pain
  5. Gonna Walk
  6. Pulling Weeds
  7. Slip Of The Tongue
  8. Cryin' Shame
  9. Tattoo
  10. Ain't No Way Around It
  11. Arizona Indian Doll
  12. Please Dear


VOCALS: Taime Downe
GUITAR: Brent Muscat
Greg Steele
BASS: Eric Stacy
DRUMS: Mark Michaels


LABEL: Electra
“Just a mile or so away is my dearest frind in this world. He wears the blue and I the grey, and God it hurts me so. The last time we were together, I grabbed his hand and I pledged, if I ever draw my sword on you, may the good Lord strike me dead...”