Dream Evil cd cover


Dream Evil

What do you do when your guitarist leaves you to pursue his whimsy? Get a clone and pick it up like nothing happened. Dio came back with a vengeance on this record. Unfortunately his reign as the king of gothic metal was ending and his subequent tours were scaled down from here, but this is a much stronger record than 'Sacred Heart'. 'Night People' and 'Faces In The Window' proved that Ronnie James Midget still had the chops. --johnk5150.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.1

Track Listing

  1. Night People
  2. Dream Evil
  3. Sunset Superman
  4. All the Fools Sailed Away
  5. Naked in the Rain
  6. Overlove
  7. I Could have Been a Dreamer
  8. Faces in the Window
  9. When a Women Cries


VOCALS: Ronnie James Dio
GUITAR: Craig Goldy
BASS: Jimmy Bain
DRUMS: Vinny Appice
KEYBOARDS: Claude: Schnell


LABEL: Vertigo (Germany)
“Was She Thinking? Was she thinking bout the life that she's been wasting? Does she break herself to pieces when it all falls apart? Does she know what sh'es got? Does she know what she wants?”