VI - Back In Action cd cover


VI - Back In Action

Whoa! Is this '98 or '88? This new cd of previously unreleased material, really brings me back to a better time in music. A world when the rockers had long hair and loud guitars and they didn't flake out and go play country. If you ever liked Keel, or any 80's metal, then this is a disc you should pick up today. Then, just sit back, crank it up and remember a time when music didn't suck...

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.2

Track Listing

  1. Back In Action
  2. Reason To Rock
  3. United Nations
  4. Friday Every Night
  5. Reach Out and Rock Somebody
  6. Hold Your Head Up
  7. Proud To Be Loud
  8. Answers In Your Eyes
  9. Lay Down The Law '84
  10. Speed Demon '84


VOCALS: Ron Keel
GUITAR: Marc Ferrari
Bryan Jay
BASS: Kenny Chaisson
DRUMS: Dwain Miller


LABEL: DeRock Records
PRODUCED BY: Marc Ferrari & Ron Keel
“I'm loud, crude and really rude. People say I've got an attitude. So I'll make it plain, better know my name. Comin' at you like a hurricane. I'm the King of Cool. It's a dirty job that I gotta do. I'm the King of Cool. I'm living proof that it's the truth. I'm the King.”