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Crimson Glory

Crimson Glory

Ahh Crimson Glory… It was longer than an EP but not quite a full-length album. It doesn’t have the full, big budget sound or the highly polished songs of Transcendence, but what it lacked in production, they made up for in talent. I personally don’t know anyone who owned this cd before Transcendence came out, but I know a lot of people that scrambled to find it afterwards. Crimson Glory was a band ahead of their time. One of the first bands to combine the really heavy stuff with such technical precision and blend it together with such class. Well except for the strange shiny masks… Anyway, their self-titled debut was a good disc and a clear mark of what was to come.--Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.5

Track Listing

  1. valhalla
  2. dragon lady
  3. heart of steel
  4. azrael
  5. mayday
  6. queen of the masquerade
  7. angels of war
  8. lost reflection


VOCALS: Midnight
GUITAR: Jon Drenning
Ben Jackson
BASS: Jeff Lords
DRUMS: Dana Burnell


LABEL: Roadrunner Records
PRODUCED BY: Dan Johnson
“New York City, about a quarter to five, she gets up and she leaves the room. She hits the subway and she risks her life and dresses up in cheap perfume...”