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It's About Time

What do you do if you can't get a proper deal or keep a band together in the US? Well if you're Paul Shortino, you hop across the pond and pound out about 15 or 16 rocking blues based hard rock songs. He's in fine form on this. Songs like 'All Of My Life', 'Love Me Til It Hurts' and 'Hell On Heels' are as good if not better than anything he did with Rough Cutt or Quiet Riot. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.1

Track Listing

  1. Love Me Til it Hurts
  2. Hell on Heels
  3. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me
  4. Bust
  5. Come to the Water
  6. Love Line Annie
  7. In Mood
  8. Where there's a Will
  9. Bango
  10. Nothing Comes Easy
  11. All of My Life
  12. Too Many Nights
  13. This Must Be Love
  14. The Lady Was a Tramp
  15. Love of My Life
  16. No, No Nikki


VOCALS: Paul Shortino
GUITAR: Thomas Walch
Klaus Weber
BASS: Frank Rummier
DRUMS: Spike


LABEL: High Gain Records
PRODUCED BY: Andy Blocher/Spike
“I never wanted the stars. I never shot for the moon. I like them right where thay are. All I wanted was you. So baby just turn away, because I can't face the truth. All I'm trying to say, is, all I wanted was you.”