Za-Za cd cover

Bullet Boys


The flaming man on the high rise on this cd cover was like a symbol of the Bullet Boys. Going out in a blaze of glory at the end of their contract with Warner Bros. They went out the same way they came in. In typical David Lee Roth fashion. Even the title Za-Za, drips with the over the top showmanship of classic Van Halen. While still keeping the attitude driven lyrics that made them famous in songs like When Pigs Fly, the boys also tackled deeper topics like the L.A. riots with Sing A Song and even recorded their first official ballad, Mine, with remarkable Journey-esque style. This was a fantastic record that showed musical growth without straying from the style that made them famous. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.4

Track Listing

  1. when pigs fly
  2. slow and easy
  3. the rising
  4. sing a song
  5. mine
  6. 1-800-goodbye
  7. the show
  8. for the damned
  9. laughing with the dead
  10. fess
  11. crosstop


VOCALS: Marq Torien
GUITAR: Mick Sweda
BASS: Lonnie Vencent
DRUMS: Jimmy D'Anda


LABEL: Warner Bros. Records
PRODUCED BY: Ted Templeman
“Ways of fate you cannot bend. And the hardest thing in life to do is wave goodbye to a friend.”