Bullet Boys cd cover

Bullet Boys

Bullet Boys

The debut of this L.A based quartet screamed it’s way, “smooth up in” to the void left by the break up of Van Halen. Vocalist Marq Torien, though vocally different from Diamond Dave, with a higher pitch and a raspier texture, had mastered Roth’s soulful delivery and over the top showmanship. Combined with their up-tempo party style songs, the cymbal crashing style of skin basher, Jimmy D’Anda, the booming base of Lonnie Vencent and the groove infested licks of guitarist Mick Sweda, you have one hell of a cd. From beginning to end it pounds it’s way through anthem after anthem and is sure to be a classic.

Average Rathole Visitor Rating8.7

Track Listing

  1. hard as a rock
  2. smooth up in ya
  3. owed to joe
  4. shoot the preacher down
  5. for the love of money
  6. kissin' kitty
  7. hell on my heels
  8. crank me up
  9. badlands
  10. f#9


VOCALS: Marq Torien
GUITAR: Mick Sweda
BASS: Lonnie Vencent
DRUMS: Jimmy D'Anda


LABEL: Warner Bros. Records
PRODUCED BY: Ted Templeman
“I'm loud, crude and really rude. People say I've got an attitude. So I'll make it plain, better know my name. Comin' at you like a hurricane. I'm the King of Cool. It's a dirty job that I gotta do. I'm the King of Cool. I'm living proof that it's the truth. I'm the King.”