Live After Death cd cover

Iron Maiden

Live After Death

Captured at the absolute height of their rule of the planet, Iron Maiden blister through heavy metal hit like a turret gun goes through ammo. I used to listen to this record from start to finish acting like Bruce Dickinson with my foot on the monitor. All the while urging the imaginary crowd to 'Scream for me Long Beach!'. Good times. --johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.6

Track Listing

  1. intro churchill's speech
  2. aces high
  3. 2 minutes to midnight
  4. the trooper
  5. revelations
  6. rime of the ancient mariner
  7. powerslave
  8. the number of the beast
  9. flight of icarus
  10. hallowed be thy name
  11. iron maiden
  12. run to the hills
  13. running free
  14. wrathchild
  15. 22 acacia avenue
  16. children of the damned
  17. die with your boots on
  18. phantom of the opera


VOCALS: Bruce Dickinson
GUITAR: Dave Murray
Adrian Smith
BASS: Steve Harris
DRUMS: Nicko McBrain


LABEL: Capitol
PRODUCED BY: Martin Birch
“Overnight sensations fighting to have their picture taken Next to a brand new imitation of her little ass”