Dog Eat Dog cd cover


Dog Eat Dog

This was the cd where I finally discovered Warrant. And apparently where everyone else wrote them off. A lot of bands got screwed in the dark time of Nirvana, but few got it worse than Warrant. They were called the worst of the genre and blamed for everything. And all in the wake of probably their best work. All my Bridges are Burning and Quicksand (ironic titles in retrospect) are their two best songs, and the rest of the album is totally solid. With a heavier sound and more mature writing, this should have been their time, but it wasn't to be. Cherry Pie was their most successful cd, but this was their peak and this is the one I will always remember them by. --Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.6

Track Listing

  1. machine gun
  2. the hole in my wall
  3. 47939
  4. andy warhol was right
  5. bonfire
  6. the bitter pill
  7. hollywood (so far so good)
  8. all my bridges are burning
  9. quicksand
  10. let it rain
  11. inside out
  12. sad theresa


VOCALS: Jani Lane
GUITAR: Joey Allen
Erik Turner
BASS: Jerry Dixon
DRUMS: Steven Sweet


LABEL: Columbia
PRODUCED BY: Michael Wagener
“So I'm gone - back to - my fucking way - I will not lay down in your shallow grave. Back to the people Back to the streets Aint gonna hang from your Judas tree I'm gone - my way Don't wanna hear what you say ”