The Crimson Idol cd cover


The Crimson Idol

My second favorite cd of all time! This concept album tells the story of the rise and fall of fictional Rock star, Johnathan Aaron Steel. From struggling for acceptance at home, through acheiving super stardom as a rock icon, only to realize that fame couldn't fill the void left by the absence of his mother's love. This album is beautifully written with the music expressing all of the emotion of the story that the lyrics are telling. Definitely W.A.S.P.s best work ever.
-- Scott

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.7

Track Listing

  1. The Titanic Overture
  2. The Invisible Boy
  3. Arena Of Pleasure
  4. Chainsaw Charlie
  5. The Gypsy Meets The Boy
  6. Doctor Rockter
  7. I Am One
  8. The Idol
  9. Hold On To My Heart
  10. The Great Misconception Of Me


VOCALS: Blackie Lawless
GUITAR: Bob Kulick
Blackie Lawless
BASS: Blackie Lawless
DRUMS: Frankie Banali


LABEL: Capitol Records
PRODUCED BY: Blackie Lawless
“Hey man, I'm going to fuck this shit up. No fear, no compromise, I want it all. I will never be afraid, and I'll die with what I believe.”