Come Out and Play cd cover

Twisted Sister

Come Out and Play

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Track Listing

  1. come out and play
  2. leader of the pack
  3. you want what we got
  4. i believe in rock 'n' roll
  5. the fire still burns
  6. be chrool to your scuel
  7. i believe in you
  8. out on the streets
  9. lookin' out for #1
  10. kill or be killed
  11. king of the fools


VOCALS: Dee Snider
GUITAR: Jay Jay French
Eddie Ojeda
BASS: Mark Mendoza
DRUMS: A.J. Pero


LABEL: A&M Records
PRODUCED BY: Dieter Dierks
“There's nothin' great about a heartache. There's nothing that I wanna learn from all this pain. And I'd rather not feel love, than to have to feel this way; like I'm dying, you've all been lying, 'cause there's nothin' great about a heartache.”