Good Times, Bad Boys cd cover

Schoolboy Crush

Good Times, Bad Boys

When I read that this was originally recorded in 1991 and saw the band photo I thought typical hair rock. I was pleasantly surprised when I found them to be much harder than their image. Such a Waste and Reap The Whirlwind are great slices of HARD rock and At The Altar could have been an Alice In Chains song. There's a couple of stadium rockers thrown in for good measure, but Good Times, Bad Boys rocks more than it appears. johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.5

Track Listing

  1. Without You
  2. Such a Waste
  3. Calling Out
  4. Bad Bitch
  5. Sleepless Nights
  6. I Pledge Allegiance
  7. Until
  8. Name Your Poison
  9. Reap The Whilrwind
  10. At The Altar
  11. To Your Knees


VOCALS: Don St. Thomas
GUITAR: Mark Lieberman
BASS: Jeff Ellison
DRUMS: Rusty Scott
KEYBOARDS: Don St. Thomas


LABEL: Suncity Records
PRODUCED BY: Schoolboy Crush
“Seems like yesterday you were still my little girl. Now a doomsday love song is all I've sung since you're gone.”