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The Call

When the singer and back-up guitarist left Lost Horizon to form a new band, I was really unhappy. I had publicly dubbed Lost Horizon the best power metal band in the world. Their two releases were damn near flawless and I really wanted to hear more from them, but unfortunately, that was not to be. So this is not a Lost Horizon type of cd. It's not as intricate or detail oriented, but it does have some similarities. The power, the emotion and the voice ... My God, the VOICE! Are you ready? I'm going to say it: This guy is the best heavy metal singer in the world. That's right. I said it. The power, the range, the clarity, the control ... He is simply perfect. He could sing anything with this kind of talent. And this cd is fantastic! The songs are really heavy without being noisy and modern sounding without being trendy. If you love heavy music and truly great singing, you have to pick this up. You won't regret it. --Scott

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Track Listing

  1. Heed Hades
  2. I Am Alive
  3. Last Drop of Blood
  4. Ashes
  5. Enemy
  6. Salvation
  7. Tears of Prodigy (Fallen Angel)
  8. The Other Side
  9. Hypnosis
  10. Moments
  11. The Permanent End Celebration
  12. Nothing


VOCALS: Daniel Heiman
GUITAR: Fredrik Olsson
BASS: Jorgen Olsson
DRUMS: Mats Karlsson


LABEL: Metal Heaven
“Old dusty roads led to the river runnin' slow. She took me down ooh and and in clover, we'd go 'round.”