Live At The Gods 2002 cd cover

Harem Scarem

Live At The Gods 2002

A pretty dynomite setlist is brought down by a pretty undynomite recording. The band sounds great when you can hear what's going, but the mix is so tinny you don't get the effect of how well they performed. It was cool to hear the band play some stuff from the first couple of records as I've read they don't really like that stuff anymore. A standout is the second track 'Killing Me' from their underated 'Weight Of The World' release. -- johnk5150

Average Rathole Visitor Rating9.8

Track Listing

  1. Change Comes Around
  2. Killing Me
  3. Stuck With You
  4. Hard To Love
  5. Who-Buddy
  6. You Ruined Everything
  7. This Ain't Over
  8. See Saw
  9. If You
  10. Warming A Frozen Rose
  11. How Long
  12. Honestly
  13. Outside Your Window
  14. So Blind
  15. The Paint Thins
  16. No Justice


VOCALS: Harry Hess
GUITAR: Pete Lesparance
BASS: Barry Donaghy
DRUMS: Darren Smith


LABEL: Frontiers
PRODUCED BY: Harem Scarem
“Tonight, this is where we go, to find out who we really are. We've got nothing left to lose. Tonight, this is how we breathe, to put some strength back in our hearts. We've got nothing left to lose. We start from the dark...”